To help the Vaping Community we have created a Glossary of Vaping terms ( if we have missed out a phrase you would like clarifying please contact us).



  • 510/ eGo adapter: An adapter you secure in that transforms the threading from 510 to the eGo thread.
  • 510 Thread: The threading at the tip of the mod or battery which the tank secures into
  • 510 Drip Tip: A mouthpiece that can be used with any 510 tank
  • 810 Drip Tip: A mouthpiece that can be used with any 810 tank
  • 18350 Battery: A little battery usually with up to 800 mAh that can be used with 18350 mods.
  • 18490/18500 Battery: An average sized battery with up to 1300mAh works with mods that utilise an 18500 battery
  • 18650 Battery: The most frequently used vaping battery in the e-cigarette world
  • 20700 Battery: A moderately larger sized battery than the 18650. Holds up to double the amount of mAh. Used in mods that require 20700 batteries
  • 26650 Battery: A huge battery for use in mods that require 26650 batteries



  • Airflow Control (AFC): The capability to alternate the amount of airflow to the coil inside in a tank, usually by turning a ring around the bottom or top of the tank
  • Atomizer: The heating component of an e-cigarette, commonly known as the coil. This will have some wicking material threaded through it, normally natural Japanese cotton. With use atomizers burn out, they last a couple of weeks depending on usage.
  • Atomizer Head: The metallic outer casing that holds the coil and wick inside
  • All Day Vape (ADV): An e-liquid which you can vape all day long.
  • Amerpage (Amps): A measurement of electrical current
  • Automatic: An electronic cigarette without a button to start up
  • Analog Cigarettes: Normal cigarettes




  • Battery: Where the device draws power from
  • Bottom coil clearomizer (BCC): A clearomizer with one coil found at the bottom
  • Bottom Vertical Coil clearomizer (BVC): A clearomizer where the coils are found vertically instead of horizontal
  • Box Mod: A device which in the shape of a box, they normally use 4 batteries depending on the design and capabilities. Box mods can either be mechanical (for use with an RDA) or variable wattage which allows the user to control the power of the device to your tank or rebuildable atomizer
  • Building: Creating coils and wicking them in an RTA or RDTA
  • Build Deck: The deck where you construct coils. Located under the cap in a rebuildable tank or RDA
  • Bottom Dual Coil Clearomizer (BDC): A bottom coil clearomizer with dual coils. Produces increased vapour and a bigger throat kick however battery life is worse than a single coil clearomizer
  • Bottom Feeder: Another term for clearomizers where the atomiser is at the base of the coil rather than the tip





  • Clearomiser: A pen style tank which commonly has a capacity of between 0.5ml - 1.8ml. Usually made from plastic
  • Clone: A rip off of an authentic product made with cheap materials which been tested properly unlike actual name brand products.
  • Cloud Chaser: A vaper who is looking wants to make large amounts of vapour
  • Clouds: The vapour that comes out of someone’s mouth when they vape
  • Coil: The heating part within a tank, clearomiser or RBA
  • Competition Cap: A case made for an RDA to improve performance by allowing increased airflow to the coils
  • Connection Pin: A safety feature included on a large amount of mods that automatically turns off the power after 10 seconds of firing
  • Chain Vaping: Vaping constantly in a sequence
  • CASAA: Consumer Advocacy for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association. A non-profit organisation that advocates on behalf of vapers
  • Cigalike: A vape that looks like a cigarette




  • Direct Lung Inhale: When you take the vapour directly into the lungs, rather than stopping in the mouth first.
  • Dripper: A different term for an RDA
  • Drip Tip: The mouthpiece of your vape. They come in many different styles and sizes
  • Dry Burn: Heating your coil to burn away extra e-liquid from the cotton. This method can ruin the cotton inside your coils so caution is advised
  • Dry Hit: When the cotton is burned out and needs to be replaced. Vaping with a coil that has burnt cotton will result in a very unpleasant taste.
  • Disposable E-Cigarette: Designed to be thrown away after you finish it.
  • Dripping: Refers to dripping some e-liquid onto an atomiser before use.


  • E-Cig: Another term for e-cigarette
  • E-Juice: The liquid that goes into a vape: made up of vegetable gylcerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), flavourings and nicotine (which is optional)
  • eGo Battery: A compact pen looking battery which is normally 4.2V in power
  • Electronic Cigarette: Full term for e-cigarette
  • External Battery: A battery that can come out of your device, very useful if the user doesn’t want to wait around with charging
  • External Charging: Charging a battery outside of your device using a charger
  • ECITA: Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association. Represents the UK e-cig industry. Members are charged a monthly fee, have to follow strict rules and are subject to rigorous twice-yearly audits. Also campaigns for equal regulations on behalf of its members.
  • Electronic Cigar: Like an e-cig but it looks like a cigar instead
  • Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits: Kits aimed at new vapers usually contain batteries, atomisers, chargers, paperwork and cartridges
  • E-Smoking: Smoking an e-cig



  • Flavour Chasing: A user who is looking for the best flavour, they prioritise flavour over clouds
  • Flooding: This happens when there is excess liquid in the atomiser coil this can result in a gurgling noise and leaking
  • Filler Material: A material found inside e-cig cartridges which soaks up e-liquid



  • Grub Screws: Tiny screws that are used in the posts of an RBA, keeps the coil in place.
  • Gurgling: A gurgling noise that happens when the coil is flooded excess e-liquid



  • Hot Spot: If the coil isn’t adjusted correctly when rebuilding, it can heat up incorrectly leading to one of the wraps heating up faster than the others. This causes the cotton to burn or sometimes even snap or melt



  • Inhale: The act of in-taking vapour when you use your device
  • Internal Battery: A device with an inbuilt battery which can’t be taken out. Has to be charged through micro USB or USB-C.


  • Juice: Alternate term for e-liquid



  • Kanthal: A material used in the making of wires for rebuildable coils




  • Leaking: When vape juice leaks from your tank
  • Liquid: Another term for e-liquid
  • Low Resistance: Normally any resistance under 0.20 ohms
  • LED: The light at the tip of an e-cig. This lights up when the user uses an analogue. Depending on the device, the LED may tell the user about their battery level for example flashing red when very low



  • mAh: Milliamps per hour: this is the amount that a battery will hold and how long you can use a device before the battery needs charging
  • Menthol: Another term for mint found in e-juice
  • Mg: Shortened version of Milligrams. The unit that nicotine is measured in
  • Micro USB: A common charging port on the majority of mods. If your mod uses USB-C then the cable that comes with the device will obviously be USB-C  
  • Mint: Alternative term for menthol.
  • Mod: The mod is the main body of your vape, it contains the batteries and depending on the model it’s also where you can control wattage, temperature etc.
  • Modders: People who create their own mods, normally experienced vapers
  • Mouthpiece: Another term for drip tip
  • MTL: Mouth to lung inhale, this is when you in-take the vapour, keep it in your mouth for a second and then inhale



  • Ni80 Coil: A heating element which is constructed out of nickel wire
  • Ni200 Wire: A type of coil constructed out of nickel for use in temperature sensing coils
  • Nic Shot: Another term for Nicotine Booster
  • Nicotine Booster: A 10ml bottle which has 18mg of nicotine. This is used to add nicotine to short fills
  • Nicotine: Also known as “Nic” this is found in cigarettes and some e-liquids. E-liquids have varying amounts of nicotine from 0.2% to 2.0%.



  • O-Ring: Rubber seals usually found within tanks to stop them from leaking
  • Ohm - The measurement of the electrical resistance of your coil
  • Organic Cotton: This is used inside a majority of coils as a wicking material due to its absorbency



  • Parallel Box Mod: A device which has more than one battery. Devices like this only improve battery life not power
  • Pass Through: A device which can be vaped while it’s being charged
  • Pen Style: These devices tend to be lengthier and thinner than other mods, usually looks like a pen
  • PG: Proplyene Glycol. A mixing agent used in e-liquids. Used to increase flavour.
  • Positive and negative posts: These are found in an RBA and are where the legs of the coil are installed
  • Priming: Making sure the cotton is properly saturated with juice before the device is used for the first time.
  • Protected battery: A battery with a miniscule chip. These batteries usually have a raised top. They don’t work in variable wattage devices
  • Pull: When a user inhales vapour through their device
  • Primer Puff: When you take a short drag on an e-cig to activate the atomiser. Not usually necessary unless your vape has been out of use for a while



  • RBA: Rebuildable atomiser base for tanks with standard coils
  • RDA: Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser
  • RDTA: Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomiser
  • Rebuildable tank: A tank that uses handmade coils within the tank before use
  • RTA: Rebuildable Tank Atomiser
  • Resistance: The resistance of the coil in the atomiser (measured in Ohms). With a lower resistance you get more vapour and heat



  • Series Box Mod: A mod which contains more than one battery. This acts in the opposite way of a parallel box mod (see above for definition) a series box mod will escalate power but not battery life
  • Squonking: Using a device with a bottom fed RDA: The mod has a tube which allows liquid to move up to it when pressure is applied to the bottle within(or squonked). These mods save you time of over dripping liquid
  • Stacking batteries: A dangerous method of using more than 1 battery to heighten power – not recommended in anyway
  • Starter kit: A kit that is for a person who is new to vaping
  • Stealth vaping: Tiny devices which can be concealed to ensure stealthiness these devices don’t produce much vapour.
  • Steel mesh: Another wicking material used in specific RDAs
  • Steeping: The processes of letting ingredients blend together. Usually refers to ageing of e-liquid to properly mix and intensify the flavours
  • SS316L: Stainless steel wire used when constructing coils
  • Sub-Ohm: A coil with a resistance of 0.99 or less
  • Sweet Spot: The perfect resistance and power for a vaper. Completely users choice though companies will give a recommended wattage for their coils
  • Smoke-juice: Another term for e-liquid (rarely used)



  • Tank: The piece on top of a mod that contains the e-liquid
  • Temp Control (TC): A mod that has temperature control can be used with coils made out of nickel, titanium, NiChrome or stainless steel
  • Throat Hit: The kick in the back of your throat when vaping or smoking. High PG e-liquids will produce a stronger throat hit. This is also one of the reasons people add nic shots to their e-juice
  • Ti Coil: A coil where the wire is constructed out of titanium
  • Tricks: Performing tricks such as rings



  • Unicorn Bottle: A bottle which has a needle cap that is used to store e-liquids
  • Unprotected Battery: The majority of batteries are unprotected and have a flat top. This is due to the fact that most devices now have internal power protection
  • Unregulated Mod: A mod which has no wattage control and uses max power from the batteries. Used in conjunction with a rebuildable tank or dripping atomiser



  • Vape Band: A miniscule rubber ring which goes around the glass tube on your tank to stop it cracking when dropped bit like a phone case.
  • Vape Juice: Another term for e-liquid
  • Vaper: Someone who vapes
  • Vaper’s Tongue: When a person can’t taste a flavour anymore after vaping it too often, if this happens just change your e-liquid and use that for a week or so and then you can switch back to your favourite e-liquid
  • Vaping: When you use a vape
  • Vapour: The water vapour which comes out when an e-cigarette is used (also known as clouds)
  • Vent Holes: These are found on most mods there purpose is to let the battery vent which is when gasses leave the mod through these holes
  • Venting Battery: When the battery is used wrongly it can damage your device and put yourself in danger
  • VG: Vegetable glycerine. A mixing agent used in e-liquids. Linked with more clouds (vapour)
  • Voltage Drop: The loss of power due to faults such as loose post screws or materials and the accuracy of the chip within the device
  • Volts: The measurement of power emitted by the battery inside the mod
  • VW: Variable Wattage.



  • Wire: Used for construction coils to make the heating element
  • Wicking: Material used to absorb e-liquid and send it to the coil for vaporising, normally cotton
  • Wrap: The layer around a battery or mod, used for protection against damage



  • Zero Nic: E-liquid without any nicotine
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