Master Vaper's Environmental Policy aims to ensure that company operations are conducted with the goal of protecting and improving the environment to the greatest extent possible. Contractors recruited by the organisation will be required to show the same degree of commitment. Employees of the Company are legally and morally compelled to carry out their responsibilities in an environmentally responsible manner. All Company personnel are required to adhere to the Policy's goals and objectives. The following is the policy:

  • Compliance with Government Legislation and Local Government Regulations
  • Follow all applicable regulatory duties,
  • In the event of an accident or occurrence that may endanger the environment, immediate action is essential.
  • Advising customers, contractors, and others on the proper handling, transportation, and disposal of firm property.
  • Using environmentally friendly techniques to dispose of any waste.
  • When disposing of trash, use only registered carriers and recycle whenever possible.
  • Encourage the development of environmentally friendly products, procedures, and equipment.
  • To dispose of garbage only through licenced carriers and to recycle whenever possible.
  • Give all staff sufficient training so that they can carry out their job responsibilities in an ecologically responsible manner.
  • Environmental audits are performed on a consistent basis.
  • When the Company issues its formal Environmental Policy Statement, it will prioritise steps to save resources and energy, minimise emissions to the air, water, and land, and enhance recycling rates.
  • The company will also try to influence legislative developments and increase public awareness of business-related environmental concerns.
  • We will endeavour to continuously enhance our environmental performance, notably in terms of paper recycling and re-use.
  • To manage waste generated by company activities, apply the concepts of reduction, re-use, and recycling.
  • Comply with all applicable environmental rules and regulations, as well as all other environmental standards.
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