How environmentally friendly is your nicotine habit?

How environmentally friendly is your nicotine habit?

Sustainability is more at the forefront of people’s minds than ever, so what about the impact of vaping on the environment? While huge areas of land are reserved to grow tobacco and the environmental impact of distribution is huge, what affect does vaping have in comparison? How can we be more ethical consumers?

First of all, stopping smoking at all is a step in the right direction. The litter generated by discarded cigarette butts is astronomical, and with many people smoking heavily you can imagine how this adds up. One report even estimated that cigarette butts make up a whole third of all litter produced across the UK.

Thankfully most vaping devices have replaceable parts and therefore last much longer, with parts which can be replaced and last over time so there is less discarded waste. Although they are still mass produced, the longevity of the products will already make an impact compared to smoking tobacco – not to mention our wallets.

As the industry has evolved it has also largely moved away from more wasteful disposable products such as so called ‘cigalikes.’ Since TPD the carbon footprint of the industry has also improved with only hardware being produced overseas and liquid being produced closer to home and in many cases, in the UK itself.

If this is something you are passionate about then it pays to do your research and speak to different brands to find out where they manufacture their wares and if they have any kind of mission statement on committing to operate more sustainably. Of course, if you have any questions, we are always more than happy to chat and advise as best we can!

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