Disposables...The New Trend

Disposables...The New Trend

There’s a vast amount of different vape devices on the market so it’s understandable that a new vaper would feel overwhelmed with all these choices.

If you want an easy to use, maintenance free vape to kick start your journey to a cigarette free life then disposables are a great option for you

At Vapeshoppers.co.uk we have a ton of different disposables all from premium brands.

What is a disposable?

A disposable is a vape that when you use up all the liquid within you simply dispose of it. A disposable is unlike any other vape device because it’s so simple to use. Usually a disposable is composed of the battery, the coil on top and liquid all of this is sealed inside the device which means no charging port therefore you don’t need to charge the device and no need to refill liquid.

How to use a disposable

Disposables are so easy to use, there’s no buttons or need to even “turn on” the device, all you do is take it to your lips and inhale like you’re smoking a cigarette and that’s it.

Pro’s of disposables

There are lots of pros to using a disposable over a vape pen or even a bigger mod.

Firstly the sheer convenience of disposables is a big pro over other vape kits. Disposables don’t need to be charged or refilled

Secondly disposables are extremely pocketable there nowhere near as bulky as other options on the market also you can use disposables more sneakily.


Because disposables don’t come with all the bells and whistles of other devices (i.e. variable wattage, a colour screen etc) they’re so much more affordable. You get what you pay for with disposables, there are no extra bits and pieces needed and no maintenance required; when a disposable is done you just buy a new one.  A majority of disposables cost £10 anything over that is a rarity.


As stated above disposables are beyond easy to use. You don’t have to mess about with air flow or variable wattage also there’s no button to press to activate, all you need to do is inhale and you’ll be vaping away happily on your disposable.

Longevity of a disposable

A standard amount of puffs for a disposable is around 300 which is equal to approximately 1.3ML of liquid, this makes disposables great for nights out such as clubbing or weekends away also they’re perfect if you feel that nicotine itch you need to scratch. However, other brands go for longer for example Geek Bar totals out at around 540 puffs which equals 2ML of liquid.  These bigger disposables are perfect for those who vape often over a short period or for someone who just wants a longer lasting disposable in general.

What flavours are available for disposables

Disposables like e-liquids come in a wide variety of flavours. The most usual flavours are menthol and tobacco but that doesn’t mean you’re limited to just them. For example Elf Bar offer exotic flavours such as Apple & Peach, Coconut & Melon and much more.

Are disposables safe?

Vaping in general is much safer than cigarettes and other tobacco products because e-liquid doesn’t contain all the nasty chemicals that cigarettes do. Furthermore vapes go through many checks and regulations to make sure they’re safe to use plus the sale of vapes to anyone under 18 is banned.

Who can use disposables?

Disposables are perfect for those who want to quit smoking and are subsequently new to vaping. Because of the ease of use they’re a great start to vaping furthermore disposables are good for heavy smokers who want to switch between vaping and smoking as they eventually drop the habit entirely. If you want a more customisable vaping experience than disposables aren’t for you however if you just want an easy device that you don’t have to worry about then disposables are a great choice.

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